Sybia, a forty-year-old architect from Ouagadougou, has been trying for years to have a child with her husaband, a rich Burkinabè entrepreneur, but in vain. After several miscarriages, Sybia decides to adopt a baby in order to achieve her greatest ambition: to become a mother. Little Kouni then has happy days until the day her driver does not drop her off as usual at her school, but takes her to the village to her paternal grandmother who is waiting for her to excise her while she is only seven years old, but the operation goes, wrong and the child does. Sybia not seeing her daughter come home from school and having no news of her driver who remains unreachable, calls the Police who quickly ended up finding the accomplice of the kidnapping instigated by the grandmother. Sybia, inconsolable but revolted wants to sue her mother-in-law despite opposition and blackmail to her husband´s divorce. the trial of this family tragedy quickly become the platform of their bodies. Sybia then decides to lead this fight, for her, for the momory of her daughter, and for all women.


Director: Alimata Quedraogo

Genre: Narrative Feature Film

Duration: 93 min

Country: Burkina Faso

Year: 2021


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